Friday, May 22, 2009

13th May

Paris - Amsterdam.

We got up early to make sure we were at the embassy of Laos as it opened so we could ensure that our visas would be done quickly (There is not an embassy for Laos in England and we need the visas for later on in the trip). The visas ended up costing 40 Euros and only taking 20 minutes to be processed. So with no real reason to stay in Paris we decided to move on as everything seemed really expensive.
So we made our reservations for the train (26 Euros each!) and got the blue chairs and gave them a quick tour of Paris. We were only allowed one photo at the Louvre because the security guards were really anal about people taking photos.
Once we made it to Amsterdam we went to what we thought was our hostel - the flying pig downtown hostel. It turned out that we had made a reservation for the flying pig beech hostel! So we stayed in the cosmos hostel instead (it was pretty nearby) and we booked into the flying pig for the next two nights.

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