Saturday, May 9, 2009

the Story behind the blue chairs

The Story of the Blue chairs.

Artem Botcharov (Student at Shrewsbury school from 2000 to 2006) was diagnosed with acute myloid leukaemia in the early summer of 2005. Artem had to undergo two bone marrow transplants (the first was unsuccessfull) and he is now back to full health.
Arten's housemaster Giles Bell (Founder of the blue chair movement visited him frequently during his treatment and sought of ways to make Artem smile and take his mind off things. And he was presented with the perfect opportunity: when in September 2006 Marcus Johnson joined the Shrewsbury School maths department.Marcus became very annoyed when two blue chairs from his classroom went missing. He sought to rectify the situation by emailing all of the members of staff asking if they could return the erroneous chairs. All of the staff found this very amusing as this is a very frequent occurrence at school (chairs going missing that is). So Marcus' inbox was suddenly very full of helpful emails, such as "I saw the chairs on the way into town." Some members of staff even took photos of the chairs in places where they had seen the blue chairs (see attached). This story had the desired effect on Artem, and together Giles and Artem thought up the idea of the Blue chair movement. The essence of it is to take the blue chairs with you and take photos of them. Once you have a good photo of the blue chairs you can then send the picture to Giles and he takes the best twelve photos every year and makes a calendar out of them. The money raised from the calendar sales is divided between Cure Leukaemia and The Shropshire Blood Trust fund.
To Help out, Myself (Leo Emmett) and Nick Lynch-Staunton are taking the blue chairs to Thailand (over Land) and we will take photos of the chairs at famous land marks and fantastic places. And the 2010 Blue chair calendar will feature our photos.

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